Phase 2 Day 11 – For the love of… oranges!


If Changing Habits does anything, it pares things back to basics. Today I rediscovered the joys of peeling and eating an orange. 3 actually. I stopped doing this back when I was a kid because supermarket oranges just didn’t peel any more??? But these organic babies do and it was a beautiful, simple pleasure. I liked the aroma of the peel as my fingers went under it and peeling the stray bits of white pith from the segments and splitting the segments up in a bowl. Slowing things down, time to breathe, peace.


I haven’t been feeling very hungry lately (hopefully this means things are motoring along!). I skipped diner tonight, this picture was lunch. I made more than 5 but you get the idea. I was trying to figure out how I could make a sandwich. Again, when you pare things back to basics, simple things are a lot more satisfying. And they are so damn cute. The kids were liking these little morsels too.

Tomato and cucumber chicken “sandwiches”

I decided not to take the antibiotics for my ear infection. I’m doing fine on nurofen for now. I do hate taking medication. I’m just going to overload on Garlic and vitamin C. I’ll do a little experiment and see if my ear stays on. Otherwise I may have to take up painting… Or boxing :)

Gotta start trusting – let food be thy medicine.


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